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Benefits of Gamification

Real Time Data

The main objective of Gamification can be constant and automatic data collection. This can be data about anything in your organization – sales reps productivity rates, call center employees handling times, internal knowledge usage rates, and more. Organizations can get a look on real picture of how they are actually doing. This means that employee ratings are no longer based on a manager's mood or the chemistry in a team, but on real, hard data. Organizations that undergoes this transition may be surprised to find that what they thought was happening is not quite accurate and sometimes even fairly far from reality.

Real Time Data Make Managers' Lives Easier

Real data is a blessing for Managers as well. They can also finally see in an unbiased and objective way, how their different employees are performing, eliminating the need for guesswork and assumptions. It's amazing to discover that much of the data in performance reviews is not objective


Gamification is a great way for employees to receive constant, up to date, and automatic feedback. By using leaderboards of different kinds, it is possible for employees to see how they are doing compared to benchmarks they had set for themselves in the past, or compared to other individuals and teams in the organization.

Recognition is Important

It is important for your Employees to feel that they are doing a good job, and that this is being recognized by their managers. Gamification is a great way to see who is performing especially well, who has made huge progress in comparison to themselves, and who may have drifted off and might need a bit of a wake-up call.

Recognize your Improvement Areas

By self-assessment in Gamification one can easily recognize their improvement areas, learn new things, and see how they are becoming easier and easier as time goes by.

Motivation for All

When gamification is executed correctly, there really is something for everyone. Working against personal benchmarks, being recognized for a job well-done, offering prizes – gamification really can cater to everyone's needs in the organization. .

Voluntary Participation

Gamification should not feel like it is mandatory. A good platform is one that emphasizes that taking part in the game is voluntary. So, you can create challenge for your employees and accepting it should be their choice. We believe that creating a challenge and allowing users to engage as they please creates deeper and more meaningful engagement and motivation.

Balancing It Out

Many employees are required to perform different tasks which many times can involve conflicting expectations. For example, a customer service representative needs to resolve issues fast, but also receive a high customer satisfaction rate. Using gamification, it is possible to track many different elements and balance them. An employee can see that they are relatively fast, but have a problem with how satisfied customers are once they get off the phone with them. Seeing many KPI's at the same time can help employees get a snapshot of how they are doing overall, and alter what needs to be changed.

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