What does a day-in-the-life look like for a company that uses GamifyWork? We’re glad you asked…and so are Charlie and Suzie, two call center employees whose company uses GamifyWork to get stuff done.


Charlie is a customer representative at a call center. He’s responsible for answering customer support calls, addressing customer issues, and answering customer questions.


Suzie is the customer service team lead. She keeps track of her customer representatives’ performance on their calls and strives to make sure that her team is addressing issues quickly and effectively.

Suzie sets up a challenge

Suzie just received some information about her team’s average wait time for callers on hold. The news wasn’t great. Her team was at the bottom of the pack compared to other teams within the call center. She decides to set up a weeklong challenge with her team members in GamifyWork and sets the prize as an extra 500 points.

Charlie accepts the challenge

Charlie receives a notification that Suzie has invited the team to a weeklong challenge for the Average Wait Time metric. He reviews his Average Wait Time metric on his dashboard, and notices that he’s just over the target time. He decides to accept the challenge and try to get below the corporate wait time target.

Charlie monitors his progress

Charlie goes about his normal day-to-day activities. At one of his breaks, he checks his progress within GamifyWork’s leaderboard and sees that he’s currently in third place within the challenge. He decides he needs to step up his game if he’s going to win this thing.

Charlie starts a personal challenge

Charlie feels good about his progress. According to the leaderboard, he’s currently in second place within his team. To further motivate himself, he decides to challenge his friend, Dusty, who is on a different team, to a one-on-one challenge on the Average Wait Time metric for the day. He wagers 100 points.

Charlie loses the personal challenge

Unfortunately for Charlie, Dusty pulled out all the stops and beats Charlie’s average wait time. GamifyWork subtracts 100 points from Charlie’s total and awards them to Dusty. Even so, things are looking up for Charlie because his hustle brought him to just within reach of Cocoa – the current leader on the active team challenge.

Charlie wins it all

Charlie really wants those 500 points, and the accolades that the win will give him, so he decides to take some additional calls. He crushes the target numbers and wins it all! GamifyWork awards Charlie the 500 points from the team challenge, bringing him to the top of this month’s leaderboard across all teams.

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