What is Gamification App

GamifyWork is a mobile app (available on Android and iOS) that lets companies gamify routine tasks across teams and the organization. Managers and team leads can identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and, with the help of the GamifyWork team, can track their employees’ performance on those metrics in an easy to use dashboard. Employees can see their own statistics and can compete with their colleagues to win challenges and earn prizes for outstanding performance..

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How it works


Suzie sets up a challenge


Charlie accepts the challenge


Charlie monitors his progress


Charlie starts a personal challenge


Charlie loses the personal challenge


Charlie wins it all

Why gamify?

Gamification – or the application of game-like elements and rules to one or more activities – has been used in a variety of spheres, from personal growth and development to product and service reviews to corporate training initiatives. The purpose is to encourage participation…and it works! After all, isn’t it more fun to complete a challenge and level up than to simply work through your day-to-day tasks?



Gamification introduces fun into the workplace, as well as a little friendly competition! Some people thrive on rivalries, while others are driven solely by their own achievements. Whatever your team’s motivation, gamification can help unlock their potential and bring out the best in your workforce.


Gamification allows for employees to quickly assess how they are performing against the various metrics and against their colleagues. Users can see in what areas they excel…as well as the areas they need to work on.



When done right, gamification can help managers and team leads to recognize the top performers, modeling for other employees the behaviors that will gain them respect and additional responsibilities at the organization.

Discover where gamification can bring you and your team.